The Office Of Last Resort

The Office Of Last Resort

There is so much stigma around conflict that even the concept of conflict resolution is viewed as a last resort.

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In an average workplace, each employee wastes 2.5 hours per week due to workplace tension. Conflict is so stigmatized that even conflict resolution is left as a last resort when it should be the first resort.

My guest today is Patrick Aylward. Patrick started his career as a lawyer and transitioned to work as a mediator and conflict management practitioner with the federal government and has recently written a book called The Collaborative Path. I'm excited to talk with Patrick about a concept he shares in his book- the idea of shifting towards a collaborative model within the workplace. Join us as we talk about what that means, what typically happens in a workplace these days, transitioning from the adjudicative model vs. the collaborative model and… that ‘c’ word.

About My Guest

Patrick used to be a courtroom lawyer, then spent many years as a mediator, and now is an author on a mission to change the world by creating a global culture of collaboration. His book The Collaborative Path introduces a collaborative model to replace the debate format used for generating decisions and solutions, and even for having conversations. To have both better solutions to situations and stronger relationships among participants, Patrick provides an easy to learn, easy to use 6-step process to change the leadership conversation. Using the collaborative model, we can prevent conflict before it ever begins.

Patrick lives in Prince Edward Island, Canada’s smallest province where he is working on a follow-up book The Collaborator’s Toolbox that will contain tools for everyday use so that people can strengthen their collaborative skills for use at home, at work and in the community.

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Patrick Aylward

Patrick Aylward

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