In A Compromise, Everyone Loses

In A Compromise, Everyone Loses

When trust breaks down in the workplace, negative assumptions are made.

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This week on That C Word: In A Compromise, Everyone Loses.

No matter how skilled you are, eventually everyone will experience conflict and nearly everyone dislikes it. Leaders are not exempt. The key to overcoming- and learning to prevent conflict- is being able to shift more frequently to a place of self awareness to keep you from getting stuck in a spiral of conflict. Lisa Chandler of Chandler Coaches joins me on this episode of That C Word and we discuss Chandler’s expertise as a leadership coach and how being conscious of your needs can help resolve workplace conflict.

Tune in as we discuss:

  • Understanding what’s motivating you and what your needs are

  • When trust breaks down, negative assumptions are made

  • 5 Styles of conflict resolution styles

About this week’s guest:

Any leaders have told Lisa they are delighted to discover that they can access world-class leadership development in their backyard instead of travelling multiple times a year to larger centres.

To bring the best leadership development to PEI and Atlantic Canada, Lisa invests in her own leadership growth regularly.

She’s honed her craft through plenty of coaching certifications, previous roles in the public and private sectors, and more than a decade of coaching leaders across North America. For the past seven years, she has intentionally focused on leaders on PEI, home to her family and her heart.

If you want a coach who will help you set a bunch of 10x goals and push you to achieve them, Lisa is not your coach.

Visit Chandler Coaches online and connect with Lisa on LinkedIn.

Download the accompanying Guide: How To Create A Collaborative Workplace Culture



Lisa Chandler

Lisa Chandler

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