Conflict Is Conflict

Conflict Is Conflict

"Never cut what can be untied"

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Conflict Is Conflict

In this episode of That C Word, I welcome mediator, lawyer and innovator, Jacinta Gallant. Although most of the work that Jacinta does in is the area of conflict within families, conflict is conflict. The skills we use to negotiate personal relationships, and conflict within the family are relevant when learning how to navigate workplace conflict. Jacinta shares some info about her innovative work that is creating a worldwide impact. Tune in as we discuss how Jacinta’s work connects with resolving conflict in the workplace, being a conscious lawyer and… that C word.

About this week's guest

Jacinta Gallant is a respected Canadian collaborative lawyer, conflict trainer, mediator and innovator in her field. She is recognized internationally for her insightful and experiential approach to teaching and managing conflict, and has been welcomed as a trainer throughout Canada, the United States, Europe, Australia and Southeast Asia.

"Never cut what can be untied" is the inspiration for Jacinta's work. Leaving behind many years as a successful litigation lawyer, Jacinta now works exclusively as a settlement advocate - using her skill and wisdom to help people untangle the knots of conflict while attending to relationships.

Learn more about Jacinta and her work by visiting her website:

Tune in as we chat about

👉 Shifting from a place of judgement

👉 There is no 'right'

👉 What are the needs that have to be met?

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Jacinta Gallant

Jacinta Gallant

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