A Strange Culture of Toxicity.

A Strange Culture of Toxicity.

"I was never been yelled at so much in my life."

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A Strange Culture of Toxicity

My guest today is Tanya Nace and she shares with me a conflict she experienced a few years ago, in a previous workplace. Although she has moved on and, in essence, the conflict has resolved itself, Tanya realizes now that she still carries it with her. She worked in a large humanitarian organization as a senior manager and was responsible for 60+ people. This was Tanya's first senior management experience. She was green and thrown in without any mentorship or onboarding and tasked with bringing the company out of the red. Despite the odds being against her, the company was back in the black in just a few short years. She built up a strong team and was eager to continue to grow and expand her skills. But cracks were beginning to show among the old guard. Behaviour from the top leadership was becoming increasingly dysfunctional and she tried to shelter her team from it. When Tanya returned from maternity leave, she discovered her team was fractured. Had she made them vulnerable by sheltering them?

Join me as Tanya and I unpack this workplace conflict and discuss what she could have done differently, how she can take the lesson to her current work and... that 'C' word.



Tanya Nace

Tanya Nace

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